The Project

Art Historical References

Creating a character who has lived earlier than myself; hasn’t had access to the internet, but only to academic research available at her time and who was further defined by her upbringing and education, provides the freedom of creating that I need for my studio-work and concept-development. However, I am a contemporary artist or the 21 century. I am consciously standing on the shoulders of uncountable artists, and want to name some of them here those whose work accompanied me over the last years of this project and whom I think of with gratitude, respect and admiration.

Iris Häussler: Artist Statement

What does it take to compose a life?

An egg, some sperm, a uterus for holding.

What does it take to compose a life?


The longing for human skin.

The nostalgia for painting.

A sensing of darkness.

What did it take to compose Sophie?

The exploration to camouflage contemporary art in history, and history in contemporary art.

The obsessive idea that memory might be just synthetic storytelling.

Project Sophie La Rosiere Chronology

Red : fiction – Black: facts

XIXth/ XXth century

1855: Henri Basset (married to Marnie Basset) opens a small cutlery factory business in Nogent-sur-Marne, south-east outskirts of Paris.